IVF success that’s affordable for you

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How it Works

Know your potential.

Learn your personal chances of conceiving with IVF when you receive your free Univfy PreIVF Report from a doctor in the Univfy Network. Univfy analyzes your health profile to make predictions with more than 95% accuracy.

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Choose your plan.

Knowing your success probabilities can help you and your doctor better plan for a course of treatment, rather than thinking in terms of a single cycle at a time, to maximize your chances of having a baby.

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Afford the best chance.

Many Univfy Providers offer refund programs and multi-cycle discount programs to help you afford more than one IVF treatment, if needed.

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Your Personalized Report

Receive your complimentary Univfy PreIVF Report from a fertility specialist in the Univfy Network and learn:

  • Your probability of having a baby in the first three cycles

  • How your chances compare with other patients like you at your IVF center

  • Individual factors impacting your chances of success

  • Your reproductive history

  • IVF costs and your financial options

Personalized Financial Options

The Univfy Platform supports IVF centers in developing special pricing programs that make multiple IVF treatments more affordable. Each patient has a much higher chance of having a baby from IVF if she could afford to have at least 2 or 3 treatments.

The Univfy Platform — using machine learning and AI — can qualify 50-80% of patients for a refund program offer, while traditional refund programs (or shared risk programs) are limited to very few patients.


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