IVF success that’s affordable for you

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How it Works

Know your potential.

Learn your accurate and personalized chances of conceiving with IVF when you receive your free Univfy PreIVF Report from a doctor in the Univfy Network. The Univfy AI Platform for IVF analyzes your complete health profile to make predictions with more than 95% accuracy.

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Choose your plan.

Knowing your success probabilities can help you and your doctor better plan for a course of treatment, rather than thinking in terms of a single cycle at a time, to maximize your chances of having a baby.

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Afford the best chance.

Many Univfy Providers offer refund programs* and multi-cycle discount programs to help you afford more than one IVF treatment, if needed.

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Your Personalized Report*

Receive your complimentary Univfy® PreIVF™ Report from a fertility specialist in the Univfy Network and learn:

  • Your probability of having a baby in the first three cycles

  • How your chances compare with other patients like you at your IVF center

  • Individual factors impacting your chances of success

  • Your reproductive history

  • IVF costs and your financial options

Personalized Financial Options

Your likelihood of IVF success increases when you are able to afford multiple treatments. The Univfy AI Platform supports IVF centers in developing special pricing programs, such as refund programs, to help you afford a treatment plan that maximizes your chances of having a healthy baby.

Univfy-powered providers are able to qualify 50-80% of patients for a refund program offer, while traditional refund programs (or shared risk programs) are limited to very few patients.


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