Reproductive Resource Center - Overland Park


Reproductive Resource Center has served the Greater Kansas City Region for nearly 30 years, helping couples conceive over 10,000 babies from all therapies with over 4,500 babies born from assisted reproductive technology.

At RRC, we combine a complete portfolio of infertility services and treatments with advanced technology to provide fertility care that is personalized to your medical needs and philosophy.

After providing top IVF success rates for decades, we understand many couples may need more than one try of IVF to have a baby and that is only possible if they could afford to have multiple treatments. Working with Univfy, we are proud to offer RRC We've Got Heart – available to over half of our patients – to provide clinic credit towards an additional IVF treatment cycle, if needed, to give our patients the best chance of building a family.

Overland Park Office
12200 W. 106th St., Suite 120
Overland Park, KS 66215
Phone: 913-894-2323
Fax: 913-894-0841

Centerpoint Medical Center
19600 E. 39th St., Suite 335B
Independence, MO 64131
Phone: 913-894-2323

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