Univfy Launches Free Online IVF Cost Calculator

Los Altos, Calif. (Oct. 8, 2013)—Fertility patients face many challenges, including uncertainty over their chances of having a baby and how to manage the high cost of treatments, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

To help patients make better informed decisions about the financial aspects of IVF, Univfy Inc. today launched the first free online IVF cost calculator, available at www.univfy.com/calculator/ivfcost.jsp.  With the Univfy IVF Cost Calculator, patients can more easily choose the best IVF package for their unique situation, based on their personalized chance of success with IVF.

We recognize that having a baby is priceless, but the reality is that patients also face budget constraints,” says Univfy CEO Mylene Yao, M.D. “While the ultimate decision over treatment options is personal, we hope that the Univfy IVF Cost Calculator can support patients in their fertility journey by helping to determine the IVF payment package that’s right for them.

Many fertility clinics offer patients a variety of IVF packages, including the option of purchasing a single cycle of IVF, or a package of three cycles, for example. While a single cycle is less expensive than a multi-cycle package, the cost of future cycles could quickly add up if patients who are unsuccessful with the first cycle opt to purchase subsequent cycles one by one.

The Univfy IVF Cost Calculator helps patients decide whether a single- or multi-cycle IVF package is right for them based on the cost of IVF package options, their chances of IVF success from Univfy IVF Prediction Tests, their doctors’ advice, or the patient’s age, and the availability of a refund for unused cycles. This analysis helps patients overcome some of the frustration, confusion and fear of the unknown in the IVF purchase decision.

Univfy Inc. provides highly accurate, personalized IVF prediction tests to help patients understand their probability of success and make the best treatment and purchase decision given their personalized chances of IVF success and financial comfort zone. The Univfy IVF Cost Calculator breaks down complex information related to the patient’s probability of IVF success, number of IVF treatments, and cost into simple, bite-size information to allow an easier “apples-to-apples” comparison.

To get started with the Univfy IVF Cost Calculator, visit www.univfy.com/calculator/ivfcost.jsp.

About Univfy Inc.: Based in Los Altos, California, Univfy Inc. is a privately held company that helps build healthy families by providing highly accurate, personalized predictions for fertility treatment success and empowering parents-to-be to make more confident decisions throughout their journey to parenthood. The company was founded in 2009 by former Stanford University professor Mylene Yao, M.D. and Stanford University professor Wing Wong, Ph.D. For more information, visit www.univfy.com.

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